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Steve Good, Chief Business Officer
Ramon Space

Steve Good currently leads market and business development efforts for Ramon.Space, the innovators making state-of-the-art space resilient computing hardware and software a reality for new space satellites and deep space missions. Previously, he has held a number of executive level roles with several of the top satellite communications companies in the industry, including Thales Alenia Space, Intelsat, Comtech EF Data and Hughes Network Systems. Steve most recently led strategic business development efforts for Thales Alenia Space’s line of space-based telecom, observation, exploration and navigation products throughout North America. He previously held Senior Vice President, Market and Business Development at Comtech EF Data and also was Vice President, Network Services at Intelsat.  Having gained insight from creating and implementing product and Go-to-Market strategies across the value chain, Steve has acquired a breadth of knowledge on the different business drivers throughout the industry and teams this with a depth of expertise in business and market development, product life cycle management, marketing, sales engineering and sales management to provide the strategic vision required to grow market share and penetrate new markets.

A life-long learner and education junkie, Good holds BSEE, MSEE, MBA and MSCpE degrees from Penn State, Johns Hopkins, Maryland and Virginia Tech, respectively.  He has continued to pursue this passion of learning by completing the year-long LEAD program at the Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB), an intensive cohort-based program consisting of eight focus areas of strategic executive leadership.  Steve is currently enrolled in the Strategy & Innovation program at MIT’s Sloan School of Management with a focus on design thinking (product exploration, creation and implementation) teamed with pricing and Go-to-Market strategies.

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