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Optimal Satcom® is the industry-leading provider of enterprise capacity management systems for satellite operators, service providers, civilian and MILSATCOM programs. Our innovative product portfolio includes Enterprise Capacity Manager® (ECM), Neuron®, Complan®, Payload Resource Manager (PRM), and Customer Link Budget Tool (CLBT®).
Optimal Satcom specializes in flexible systems that integrate all aspects of capacity management – engineering, technical operations, mapping and visualization, customer and lease management, ground asset management, reporting, web services, occasional use services, cost and revenue tracking – into a single, easy to use system that allows integration with third-party systems. Our off-the-shelf commercial products and customized solutions manage a significant portion of the world’s commercial and military satellite capacity and enable companies to achieve exceptional levels of operational efficiency.
Our recent product innovations integrate VSAT network management systems and software defined satellites to perform service-responsive commanding and configuration of the communications payload of both fully software-defined and hybrid payloads to ease the complex task of configuring satellites in response to changing demands from aero and maritime networks.

Company Website: http://www.optimalsatcom.com